My Story

Even as a little girl, I often carried a camera around looking for a story, trying to capture the essence or that one witty detail. This was my way of understanding the world. That is also why I chose to study cinema. In 2005 I earned a “Master in the Audiovisual Arts” degree in Brussels, and a little later received a diploma in photography.

After 12 productive years working mainly in television, I decided to find my own way by combining the things that I love doing the most into one concept. The “Vic” was thus born, and it’s developing slowly into a valuable product.

My ambition has always been to make “non-fiction”. To find the story in real life. I work by intuition and I love to interview, because I find people very interesting. My portrait films are not rocket science, but they are real and authentic. And they capture the essence.

I’m looking forward to portray you!

Zsofia Huray

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